Food and the 5 Senses


LIMINAL SESSIONS curates SENSORY experiences immersed in NATURE complimented by STORYTELLING.

Sensory Perception, Storytelling, Food.

“The entire experience was truly amazing, fascinating, eye-opening and each

of us will cherish this moment for years” – Filipe Varela, Liminal Sessions Guest

Feel the SENSES like never before. Find STORY in FOOD.  Reconnect with NATURE.  Sleep in LUXURY.

“Food and the 5 Senses” – Liminal Weekend Experience

Liminal Space: Open Up to the New


Situated at a sensory threshold that is barely perceptible, the liminal space is a transient space between the familiar and the unknown. A space void of mental chatter and habitual thought patterns that otherwise veil us from our potential.

Ancient cultures around the world developed rituals and rites to enter the liminal space. From meditation and chants to sacred dances and rhythmic beats; designed to raise and attune sensory awareness, intuition, and discover breakthrough insights

Liminal Sessions offers a unique pathway to disconnect and access the liminal space with an immersive, sensory, storytold “Food and the Five Senses” event curated around a Liminal Weekend experience in Sintra with luscious green surroundings nestled between Sintra Natural Park and the Atlantic ocean. Invite your senses to float in the ethereal Liminal Space.

Food and the 5 Senses: Explained

“Food and the 5 Senses” is a food, sensory, and storytelling journey. In this intimate, curated 5-hour experience you will connect with yourself, to food and connect with fellow guests. Plunge into 5 tastings of local, organic, plant-based food designed by world-class chefs for the senses.

Using the senses as a guide, through exercises, games and live theatre you will feel how ingredients and culinary arts extract elements of sensation. Each sensory moment is matched with a tasting designed to stimulate perception, emotion and memory to awaken your senses and open up to liminal space.

This holistic experience is complemented by storytelling around a local, seasonal main star ingredient featured and re-invented in 5 moments. Chefs reveal parts of their creative process, adding a dimension of awe and flow to the liminal experience. 

Liminal Weekend Experience:

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