Food and the 5 Senses

SOUND   ·   SMELL   ·   TOUCH   ·   TASTE   ·   SIGHT



This intimate event opens a LIMINAL WEEKEND EXPERIENCE set on Quinta de Sant’Ana nestled between Tapada de Mafra and the Atlantic Ocean.

Sensory Perception, Storytelling, Food.

Sensory Perception, Storytelling, Food.

“The entire experience was truly amazing, fascinating, eye-opening and each

of us will cherish this moment for years” – Filipe Varela, Liminal Sessions Guest

Re-Experience the 5 SENSES. Discover a STORY in FOOD. Reconnect to NATURE. Stay in LUXURY.

Stay for 2-nights in luxury at the sublime Quinta de Sant’Ana in a private en-suite with 2 twin beds or 1 Double Bed, outdoor terrace and pool. Located on 40 hectares of rolling hills, 12 varieties of organic wines, edible flowers, vegetable garden and 5 houses. Location is 30 minutes drive north from Lisbon nestled by the Tapada de Mafra national forest, Iberian Wolf Reserve  and 10 km from the Atlantic Coast.



16h Check-in Quinta de Sant’Ana 

17h Welcome Drinks | Introduction

19h Ayurvedic Dinner | Chef Talk

21h Live Music Performance 


9h Meditation | GAGA Dance

10h Farm-Fresh, Organic Breakfast

12h Nature Walk Vineyards | Forest

13h Organic Lunch | Infusion Drinks 

16h Sensory Food Event Begins

21h Live Music | Kirtan | Sunset Fire 

DAY 3 

9h Meditation | Chi-Flow  

10h Farm Fresh, Organic Breakfast

11h Quinta Wine Tasting | Regional Appetizers

“Food and the 5 Senses” Liminal Weekend Experience


The Liminal Space – Open Up to the New

Situated at a sensory threshold that is barely perceptible, the liminal space is a transient space between the familiar and the unknown. A space void of mental chatter and habitual thought patterns that otherwise veil us from our potential.

Ancient cultures around the world developed rituals and rites to enter the liminal space. From meditation and chants to sacred dances and rhythmic beats; designed to raise and attune sensory awareness, intuition, and discover breakthrough insights

Liminal Sessions offers a unique pathway to disconnect and access the liminal space with an immersive, sensory, storytold “Food and the Five Senses” event curated around a Liminal Weekend experience in Mafra with luscious green surroundings nestled between forest preserve and the Atlantic ocean.

Join us & invite your senses to float in the ethereal Liminal Space

“Food and the 5 Senses”  Experience Explained

“Food and the 5 Senses” experience is a food, sensory, and storytelling journey unlike any other. In this intimate, curated 5-hour experience, you will plunge into five tastings of local, organic, plant-based food designed by world-class chefs designed around the 5 senses.

This is no ordinary fine dining. Using the senses as a guide, through exercises, games and live theatre you will feel how ingredients and culinary arts extract elements of sensation. 

Each sensory moment is matched with a tasting designed to stimulate perception, flavours and memory to awaken your senses and ease you into the liminal space. 

This holistic experience will be complemented by storytelling around a carefully selected main star ingredient  featured and re-invented in 5 moments. Chefs will reveal parts of their creative process, adding a dimension of awe and flow to the experience. 

Liminal Weekend Experience – Sublime Getaway of the Senses

The Liminal Weekend Experience package includes all meals, drinks and 2-nights private suite at Quinta de Sant’Ana do Gradil located 30 minutes drive from Lisbon. Houses come with living room, kitchen, terrace, and pool.

After checking in, welcome drinks, and introduction Friday evening features Ayurvedic Dinner, Chef’s Talk, and Live Music. Saturday starts with GAGA Dance, Nature Walk, “Food & the Five Senses”, and Live Music. Start Sunday with Chi-Flow and a Quinta de Sant’Ana Wine Tour & Tasting. 

Spend time soaking in the pool, walking in the forest, vineyards or chill out in the  house, and if you like, stay an extra night at discounted rates.

When?  Where? How?  


LOCATION: Quinta de Sant’Ana. Rua Direita, Gradil near Mafra. 30 minutes drive north of Lisbon.

ACCOMODATION: Private Suites: 1 Double or 2 Twin Beds.


2-Nights Private Suite at Quinta de Sant’Ana

GAGA Dance | Qi-Gong Flow | Meditation

Ayurvedic Dinner | Chef Talk | Sunset Fire

5-Hour Sensory Gastronomic Event

Plant-Based Meals | Infused Drinks

Live Music | Improv-Theatre | Storytelling

Organic Wine Tasting | Appetisers | Nature Walks


EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – From Nov 1 prices go up +€100

Double Occupancy Suite €395 pp (2 person private suite)

Single Occupancy Suite €495 pp (1 person private suite)

Saturday Full Program €155 (no accomodation included) 

Upcoming Liminal Sessions: 

November 12-14 or 26-28

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